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Schoor (1844-1897), teacher at a high school in Leeuwarden, who was collecting finds in the Frisian Terps (wierden) dating from 400 BC - 1000 AD.

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And I never knew my father.”Of course I thought of her but she did not want to see, meet and talk to me”.

28 graves, mainly inhumation, some cremation, were documented. Short review on the coat of arms of the Ommelanden (northern half province Groningen) on money struck in the 16th century and later, including the use of the arms with 11 hearts in the coat of arms of the province Groningen In Dutch.

Description of the find of a pot made in Westerwald found in a hose in Sappemeer containing 155 coins. The majority are guilders and threeguilderpieces from the Republic of the united Netherlands, mainly 19th century.

In 1905 a learned Frisian society hired an student to collect finds of the terp Hoogebeintum were an early mediëval cemetery was found.

Little was known about this fellow, Jouke van der Werf, who a year later emigrated to Uruquay. An old female horse from a Frisian terp The skeleton of a moderately tall (height at the withers ca.

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