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We are here to reduce your assistance in srearch of your future wife. "Marriage Abroad" Marriage Agency Chernihiv can guarantee that all ladies are seriously interested in finding a lifepartner in your country.REGISTRATION FOR MEN - CLICK HERE Marriage Agency Chernihiv. During our researches, "Marriage Abroad" Marriage Agency Chernihiv try introduce very attractive, well-educated ladies with serious intentions mainly from Ukraine and Crimea. What is a Marriage Agency Chernihiv "Marriage Abroad"? Marriage Agency Chernihiv "Marriage Abroad" goal is to provide quality service that really help to men from countries outside Ukraine in bride research, checking, and assist in marriage organization."Marriage Abroad" Marriage Agency Chernihiv start work in 2011 year, and at at first was a small company, which has worked only in few regions of Ukraine.All our staff is professionals, which earlier has worked in various organizations.The center conducts competitions in athletics (track and field), football, boxing, and weightlifting.There is a prospective project on reconstructing the center into a sports city "Luchisty" (Radiant) which beside the football stadium (3,000 seats) would include an ice arena (4,000 seats), a fitness-recreational complex (swimming pool, indoor field, and numbers of other sports halls), and a beach club (including a beach stadium, open air fitness rooms and swimming pools, and sauna).

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) is a multi-purpose stadium in Chernihiv, Ukraine.

There are a boxing hall, a running track, a fitness room (weightlifting/gymnastics), a massage room, an electronic scoreboard, a controlled-access entrance.

The field has a water sprinkle system and floodlights.

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