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Not only will you be doing them a favor, but hopefully you’ll develop a respect for them once you get a greater understanding of their condition. No More Expectations A lot of the time when dating someone with anxiety you’ll say things like: Well, people who suffer from anxiety are known to act out on impulse and engage in out of character actions in their moments of weakness.The more you can make yourself able to have thick skin and to problem solve no matter the seeming absurdity of the situation they find themselves in, the less likely they’ll feel weak around you.

Sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised and have a nice talk with a stranger; sometimes you’ll look like a creep.

A social phobia can sometimes stem from or cause shame.

So, just the fact alone that your partner is opening up to you in this way is a big deal for them and a sign that they trust you very sincerely.

By being ready for the unexpected you become part of the solution to their anxiety, as opposed to part of the problem.

Additionally, by doing this you assure that you’re not projecting overarching expectations on the relationship, which is a huge relief to them if they’re time tripping about the future. Hold That Thought In the middle of an episode your partner can say outrageous things.

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