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Rumors have it that a scene in which they kiss was cut from the final edit.What is true is the fact that they stayed together for 20 years in total. The famous scene in which Apollonia gives in to the Kid’s cruel request and purifies herself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka almost caused her to contract hypothermia.Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to remember that “Purple Rain” is the greatest music movie of them all.Thirty years ago Sunday, Prince’s big-screen debut was released into theaters, telling the semi-autobiographical story of “the Kid” — a talented Minneapolis musician trying to make it to the big time while dealing with family troubles and his own insecurities. To mark the anniversary of “Purple Rain,” here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Prince’s crowning achievement. The part of Prince’s love interest in the film was initially given to Denise Matthews, a k a Vanity.Linda Gottlieb, a producer for MGM Studios in the 1980s, invited writer Eleanor Bergstein on lunch date to discuss film ideas.After hearing Bergstein's original idea that wasn't quite working, Gottlieb flipped the conversation, as she recounted: I said, ‘Well what’s the story?Prince demanded the couple break up so fans would speculate on whether Apollonia and Prince’s on-screen relationship was real.

The song became one of the “Filthy Fifteen” the PMRC committee objected to, along with Cyndi Lauper’s “She Bop” and Madonna’s “Dress You Up.” After a Senate hearing, the Record Industry Association of America agreed to use their own discretion to label potentially offensive music.

(Beals went on to earn a degree in American literature from Yale in 1987.) 3.

The role finally went to Apollonia Kotero, who was dating Van Halen’s David Lee Roth at the time.

By the time we finished shooting that sequence, my arms were like rubber, my body temperature had plunged.

"I hated that line, 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner,'" Patrick Swayze told AFI.

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