Egyptian dating rules

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If they don’t already know, they’ll try to discover where you’re staying, what your plans are, and pester you regularly.It’s easy to get fed up with being hassled and react with fury to any approach from strangers – even a sincere “Welcome to Egypt”.To get the most from a trip to Egypt, it is vital not to assume that anyone who approaches you is on the make.Too many tourists do, and end up making little contact with an extraordinarily friendly people.As a presumed-rich (foreigner), you are expected to be liberal with baksheesh, which can be divided into three main varieties.The most common is tipping: a small reward for a small service – anything from waiter service to unlocking a tomb or museum room.

You can hold bread in your left hand in order to tear a piece off, but you should never put food into your mouth with your left hand, nor put it into the bowl when eating communally.Egyptians are likely to feel very strongly about certain subjects – Palestine, Israel and Islam, for instance, and these should be treated diplomatically if they come up in conversation.Some Egyptians are keen to discuss them, others not, but carelessly expressed opinions, and particularly open contempt for religion, can cause serious offence.If someone offers genuine help and asks for an (pen), it seems fair enough, but to yield to every request encourages a cycle of dependency that Egypt could do without.Since most Egyptian money is paper, often in the form of well-used banknotes that can be fiddly to separate out, it can make life easier to keep small bills in a separate “baksheesh pocket” specifically for the purpose.

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