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If you liked him so much why were you off dating in between. Perhaps you should ask him to be exclusive whilst you are dating.Unfortunately that has to be spelled out these days. Its a good trait OP that is normal for people you meet on POF.I respect his honesty but it has put me off sleeping with him!!I haven't slept with him yet or anyone else done my relationship ended.

Reflect on what people have said when deciding not to pursue dates or a relationship with you.

You are more likely to meet the creative type you want to date in a gallery, theatre or arts workshop than in a pool hall.

We all seek feedback from interviews to determine how we have performed and how we can improve; we need to approach dating in a similar way.

When you have had dates, what do they say about you?

Is there a common thread that they will chat to you but this is never converted into a date?

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