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For example, on last night's Seinfeld rerun, Elaine went out on a date with a doctor, and in the car he grabbed her tongue and started explaining to her why it was fuzzy and how the saliva ducts work etc. Then he was surprised when she didn't want to kiss him.See, the problem I have with this is that some people get to the point where they can't even have an opinion in the relationship because they just get "you are psychoanalysing me".Pro-they are understanding, empathetic (considering that they may have had dysfunctional relationships-which just makes them better IMO), and listen w/o judgement.

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It has more to do with setting boundaries between your work life and personal life right?

(my best friend is a psychologist specializing in relationships) Ha ha ! I met a guy online like 10 yrs ago, when that was all pretty new.

He was a phsychaitrist from a VERY prestigious hospital.

WE talked for months, then he came to my town for a bunch of weekends, and then he asked me to go with him on a summer trip to Maine.

So far it had been more of an intellectual relationship than physical, but we got along well so why not ?

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