Dating mommas boy

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You can bet if he treats his mama right, he’ll treat you right, too.

A guy who has a close relationship with a woman for his entire life isn’t going to be afraid to open up about his feelings.

Look at the way your potential mate interacts with his mother before taking any further steps into a more serious romantic relationship. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying to look for your typical, clichéd, was-breastfed-until-he-was-old-enough-to-chomp-on-steak kind of “mama’s boy.”I’m not referring to a man who lets you walk all over him and can’t hold his own in an argument. A man who loves his mama because he loves women and recognizes them as strong, vibrant human beings.

I’m talking about a man who considers his mother a personal friend, an honored female and a remarkable woman.

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What makes you think if you have something really important to say or a strong opinion on something, that he won't consider your thoughts?

At first it was perfect, I thought he was perfect and I got along great with his mom. Since then, I have realized how co-dependent he is on his mother and we do not get along anymore. My mamas boy and I met 5 months ago, and things started off great. Brought it to his attention, asked what was going on, his response was that...

In the physical sense-he always kept in contact, just stopped coming around.

A woman is a human being before anything else and deserves to be respected as such.

A man who’s close with his mom has had this idea ingrained into his mind since the womb. He knows you have your own life and sense of independence, but he also wants to treat you like a lady. Your opinion and your advice hold great weight with him.

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