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If the component does not have any information for that particular property/parameter, the field will be blank.

Components can be grouped together by one or more specific columns of information.

The BOM is generated through a dedicated and powerful report generation engine, the interface to which is known as the Report Manager.

A Bill of Materials can be generated from the project source documents or from the active PCB document using the Reports » Bill of Materials command from the Schematic or PCB editor.

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In each case, the source document(s) will be compiled, followed by display of the Report Manager dialog.

The dialog presents the various properties/parameters for all components on the source document(s). The designer simply chooses which data to include in the generated BOM report.

Data can be grouped, sorted and filtered as required, with the ability to include additional parametric data from a nominated PCB for the project and/or a linked database, as required.

The following sections take a closer look at manipulation of the data to arrive at the desired BOM content prior to exporting the report.

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